Ministry of Defense

COMMIT Experience

The COMMIT Experience: a spectacle of light, video, and audio, specially developed for the Materiel and IT Command (COMMIT) of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The Experience immersed the visitors in the world of COMMIT and how they work daily for our Dutch armed forces. From the Experience, visitors could go to the Basecamp via the Walkway, a soundscape of light, audio, and sensory stimuli. The Basecamp formed the heart of the entire COMMIT Experience, where people could experience the latest innovations from COMMIT, learn the different ways to engage with the Ministry of Defense through holoboxes, and participate in Situation Rooms in which they were confronted with real life cases. In addition to the COMMIT Experience, we also created and realized the opening of the Defense innovation event: Purple Nectar. A magical choreography between an AI figure on a robot arm and a drone opened the show and provided the announcements of various speakers. A unique and spectacular combination of the latest innovations!

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YearSeptember 2023
LocationKamp Soesterberg