Me again, Philip. I would like to tell you some more about the Fjuze team:

Small team
Fjuze consists of a small team, in which everyone has their own expertise. And honestly: I am constantly amazed by what such a small group of people can achieve. By the way, that does not always happen without a fight. Even though I know only a few companies where they only do what they like, sometimes their work gives them sleepless nights. Have they gone too far in their plans this time? No, it always works out. Everything for the show.

Creators and executors
Those sleepless nights they have, stem from the fact that they are the creators and executors of their events. It strikes me that every facet gets planned down to the very last detail. This often means that the boundaries of technology are pushed or exceeded. Sometimes even special software is written purely to make this event possible. And every facet really means every facet. From the construction of a stage, to a value-adding storyline, to the crew catering. Everything has been thought through in-house by these 6 people.

Together with you
Also, good to know: although the Fjuze team creates unforgettable events, they prefer to do so by working together with you, not just for you. You are directly in contact with the creators and executors. You automatically go along with the energy and creativity. You as well contribute to the end-result. That is how they work best and that is what got them to where they are today.