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This is Fjuze

Well, telling others about yourself is always a challenge. Others usually do a better job at it. That is why Philip did it for us:

This is Fjuze. And I am Philip. I often work at and with Fjuze. The office- friend is what they call me.

In my own words: not only are they the nicest and most genuine people you will even work with, they are also a bunch of fools who create events that are more amazing than you ever thought possible. I really enjoy working with them because it is great working with such specialists. People who are so perfectionistic that even after months of preparation, while on site, they decide that the stage should be on the other side of the room, as that will make the show even better. Everything they do must always be better.

I am often in the office with them, making me an observer or part of their creative process. It always strikes me how they leave nothing to chance. And when I am on site with them, I am always blown away by the end- result. Literally goosebumps. But only when parking runs smoothly and the food is fantastic, they will go home satisfied.

They do not do anything partially. They would rather suffer financially, than doing something that is not up to their standards. And all of this with a team of only 6 people. Sometimes, however, they call in the help of other professionals, because even if they really want to and could, they as well do not have engines that can run for more than 30 hours a day.

Of course, there is much more that I could write about them, but you should just get to know them yourself. Read more about the team on the about page. Curious about how cool their events really are? Check out their cases! But, if you really cannot wait any longer, then just leave your emailaddress in the box below:

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